Cake Care

Transporting your cake

When collecting your cake please ensure you transport it in either the footwell or boot space on a carpet or non slip mat. It is recommended that you ensure this area is clear and clean before you arrive. On hot days we advise travelling with the air conditioning on or the windows open to keep the car cool so the cake doesn't get too warm.
When picking up your cake carry it supporting the bottom with two hands underneath and keeping the box away from your body.
Please be aware that placing your cake on a seat, lap or uneven surface even for a short journey may result in irreparable damage.
Once you arrive at your destination keep the cake cool and out of direct sunlight.

Once the cake has left our premises we are no longer liable for any damage that may occur. If any repairs are required at any point after the cake has left us and only if a repair is possible and we have availability to fix it it may incur an extra cost. We cannot guarantee any repairs but will do our best to help should any accidents happen.